Tired and Overwhelmed? This Is For You!

Should you add hashtags to old posts?! Feeling exhausted and don't know where to go next?! I'm answering these questions and MORE in today's episode: a recording from an Ask Me Anything video I hosted on Facebook Live!

I love sharing these branding and marketing questions with you here on the podcast because chances are, if someone else has a question, you might have it too.

>>My goal as a business strategist is to educate and empower you to build your business… which is exactly what I do during these Live videos!<<

In this conversation, I answer questions about:

  • How to get followers to ask and answer questions on your posts,
  • If you can target multiple ideal clients for your business,
  • Whether or not you should add hashtags to old posts,

And so much more!

Ready to dive in? Click play >>HERE!<<

In this conversation, we talk a lot about hashtags and I want to let you know I have a free Hashtag Strategy Guide you can download to develop the strategy that’s right for you! In it, you’ll learn the 4 types of hashtags you need to be using for your business, a space for you to brainstorm the right ones, and an additional video tutorial. Download the guide for FREE >>HERE!<<

listen to the episode:

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