3 Tips to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media

Are you wondering how to build a personal brand on social media to market your business?

*You’re in for a treat, friend!*

Today’s episode is an exclusive recording from when I was a guest presenter for my friend Cathy Heller’s coaching program, Made To Do This.

In it, I discuss how to build a brand on social media, as well as answer a few questions from her cohort including:

  • When do I reach out to my inner circle for support of my business?
  • How much of my sad/messy story should I share online?
  • How do I teach my audience without coming across as a know-it-all?

I have nothing but love and respect for Cathy and I hope you enjoy listening to her insights as well. Click play >>HERE!<<

Since this entire discussion revolved around mindset, it got me thinking… are you ready to tackle your limiting beliefs and make the mindset shifts you need to succeed in business?

If so, you need my FREE Mindset Makeover Workbook. It includes 5 crucial mindset shifts you need to make to succeed in business, a powerful exercise that changed everything for me, and a corresponding video to watch whenever you’re feeling lost. Download the Workbook >>HERE.<< I can’t wait to help you tackle those limiting beliefs and grow your business to new heights!

listen to the episode:

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