The Thanksgiving Gratitude Practice No One Is Talking About

Ya’ll know that Norman Rockwell painting of the classy family around the Thanksgiving table? The one where the mom is holding a perfectly golden turkey and the dad is dressed in a suit beaming with pride? 

Growing up I went into every Thanksgiving with that picture in mind and let’s just say my family is known to have frozen turkey and clothing is optional.

*We are not your all American family!*

While our dinners never looked like what I imagined, I've learned to find gratitude in the mess of it all because that's the trick. 

>>The key to finding happiness is gratitude.<<

There’s always something to be thankful for. Boo, I hope you make time to find beauty in everything.

I want to challenge you with a question a stranger asked me once: 

>>What if the only things you had tomorrow were the things you expressed thankfulness for today?<<

When I heard this, I was speechless! *and ya’ll know how I love to talk* so I immediately created a mental list of things to be thankful for.

I never think to appreciate running shoes, dental floss, or a blender for my morning smoothie. I mean let's be real… Shout out to my fake eyelashes. Where would I be without those? 

Listen, buttercup, let me tell you that this list went on and on. Every day since that conversation, I wake up and I give thanks for the decadence of life. 

>>Abundance and success don't always look like what we see on social media or in a Norman Rockwell painting.<<

So let’s simply take a moment to realize just how blessed we are today. If you want to hear more about my crazy family Thanksgivings and learn to find happiness through gratitude then take a listen to my latest podcast episode >>HERE<<.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend!

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