How to Get End-of-Year Results in 15 Minutes

In December 2020, I wrote a letter to myself.

I created a vision for who I would be on December 31, 2021.

*But here’s the kicker, friend: I wrote as if it had ALREADY happened.*

In it, I wrote about how Social Curator had hired our first Chief Technical Officer, and they had helped us bring the business to new heights.

Little did I know, we would hire our CTO just 4 months later after a series of serendipitous conversations and connections.

>>This is what I invite you to do today, my friend… Write a letter to yourself dated December 21, 2021, and describe all of the things you have accomplished this year.<<

I promise you: You will be AMAZED at how it affects your actions, and the outcomes of your dreams.

Want to learn how to do this? Click play >>HERE!<<

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