Tough Love: You Need to Be More Confident (and Here’s How!)

Real Talk: you need to be more confident! 

>>Whether it’s recording videos, creating new content for your clients/customers or putting yourself out there for collaborations and podcast interviews, confidence is a huge part of owning a business.<<

And today, I want to give you tangible tips on HOW!

This week’s episode is a coaching session I had with members of Social Curator, a platform full of resources for business owners that provides social media marketing plans, group coaching, and a community to hold you accountable.

During our conversation, we tackled equal parts business and mindset questions!

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer questions on:

  • How to figure out what revenue stream will be most valuable to your audience and bring you the most reliable income
  • How you can become known for one thing, while splitting your time and attention into two businesses
  • How I overcame moments of struggle, and tips for believing in in yourself to chase your dreams
  • What exercises or practices you can put into place so that to be more confident in your business, and
  • How you can create fans of your brand when you’re not in a “sexy” industry

I can’t wait for you to be a fly on the wall of this amazing coaching session, so click play >>HERE!<<

As always, thank you for listening and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I’ll see you on Thursday for a special episode with my Podcast Producer all about how to pitch yourself for a podcast. If you’re ready to get more eyes (and ears!) on your business, make sure you’re subscribed to the Jasmine Star Show so you don’t miss it!

Kelsey Krimmer

Kelsey owns a subscription box business that helps people create branded gifts for their business and customized gifts for their friends and family. Primarily sourcing products from small businesses, Kelsey loves working with people from all over the country to make gift giving stress-free and enjoyable!

Gabriela Arista

In her career as a cosmetologist, Gabriela has been blessed with being able to amplify the beauty that women were born with, something she personally struggled with for years. Her purpose is to serve women who are also seeking to become everything that they are meant to be, starting with reigniting the fire that they have within. You can always catch Gabriela from having a book in my hand, to sipping on a fresh smoothie!

Joanna Moss

Joanna Moss is a fun & very introverted Showit website designer, SEO enthusiast & mom of two very extroverted boys. She thrives on working with photographers, wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs to create powerful Showit websites that convert more of their website viewers into raving clients.

Karen La Spina

Back in 2004, Karen began her most important journey as Gmaids Co-Founder: she became one of the two cleaning technicians of the entire workforce. With the vision to improve the quality of life of families by green cleaning homes, the mission became clear: hire the best workers and train them to clean leaving toxic chemicals behind to become A-level players in the industry earning living wages. It was a huge success and in 3 years Gmaids was the top company recognized for nontoxic cleaning thriving in a healthy company culture.

Diana Pasquali

Diana is a 20-time Airbnb Superhost. She helps Airbnb hosts elevate their mediocre listings so that they can be fully booked and have beautiful spaces that stand out from the rest. Her own tiny house was Sunset Magazine's #1 Top Home Tour of 2019. She just sold out her first course “Elevate Your Airbnb” but will be launching again this summer.

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