Is Your Passion a Business or a Hobby? Click Play to Find Out!

Did you ever read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book when you were a kid?

My twin sister, Bianca, and I used to LOVE these kinds of books in middle school. We would be entertained for hours by Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys (much to the satisfaction of our very tired parents)!

>>Well friend, today you get to choose YOUR own adventure and decide if your passion is a business or a hobby with the help of this podcast episode!<< 

This episode is for you if:

  • You have a hobby you love and are passionate about but you’re not sure whether you should take the leap of turning it into a business, OR
  • You’re wondering if your side hustle is something you should turn into a business, or be something you do for fun…with no strings attached.

Buttercup, I know it can be overwhelming to consider all the possibilities when you have something you’re passionate about.

But by the end of this episode, you’ll know if your passion is a business or a hobby, and what you want out of the experience so that it best serves you and your goals!

Ready to choose your own adventure? Click play >>HERE!<<

As you listen to this episode, give yourself permission to commit to either a business or a hobby… the sooner you choose what it is, the more enjoyment you’ll get in the PROCESS. And once you decide, DM me with the word “Hobby” or “Business” so I can cheer you on in whatever you choose!

If you know someone who may need this advice, feel free to share this episode with them. I love connecting with passionate business owners and hobbyists alike!

listen to the episode:

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