How Much Time Should You REALLY Spend on Social Media?

Question of the Day: How much time should you REALLY be spending on social media to market your business?

Today I’m spilling the tea with you in an interview I had on Gillian Perkins’ podcast, Work Less Earn More.

In this conversation, Gillian asks *tactical* questions about how I outline my social media schedule, how I keep up with responding to all of my comments and DMs, and more.

*Hint: it’s with focused intention and consistency!*

If you’re struggling with a social media schedule or want to know how much time in your day you should be allotting for your social media marketing, this episode is for you. Click play >>HERE!<<

If you’d like tips and tricks on how to market your business on social media, I’d love to help you in my Instagram Marketing Guide. In it, you’ll find a way to write scroll-stopping captions, an example of the BEST type of post that gets people talking back to you, as well as an actionable plan to get more engagement. Get the guide for FREE >>HERE!<<

listen to the episode:

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