3 Ways to Make Money While Giving Away Your Secrets for Free

I was recently answering questions on an Instagram Live when Letty asked: “Should you give away all your secrets on social media?”

This was a question I had heard before… There are always business owners popping into my DMs asking me similar questions: what’s the difference between free and paid content? And If I give away everything I know for free, then what would be behind the paywall?

>>Here’s my cold, hard answer: I don’t believe in secrets.<<

Being 100% honest, raw, and real is the only way to get people to know, like, and trust you.

And trust = sales. The more your followers trust you, the easier it will be to make sales.

However, instead of simply giving away completely for free, here are three PayWall Models that you may want to consider for your business in order to keep making money while giving away your business secrets:

  • PayWall Model #1: Give the ‘how’ for free, and offer tools to make it easier behind the paywall.
  • PayWall Model #2: Teach the ‘why’ for free and give the ‘how’ behind the paywall.
  • PayWall Model #3: Give the ‘how’/proven framework for free – provide community + accountability behind the paywall.

To hear me break down each one (complete with examples), click play >>HERE!<<

So, the moral of the story? Create content that is true, authentic, and relevant. THAT is the one of the best ways to ever get people to pay you…sharing what you know, then offering ways, tools or resources to make it happen with your help is how you can share everything you know and STILL get people to pay you. 

If you want to serve and serve well, then you need to start creating CONTENT, and I have the perfect resource for you, friend! My Ideal Client Workbook is just the thing you need to boost your engagement and hone in on the secrets your ideal client is dying to hear! Download it >>HERE<< and start mind reading today!

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