BREAKING News: Is Instagram No Longer A Photo-Sharing App?

Today, I’m stoked to share with you this BONUS episode to announce BREAKING news: head of Instagram Adam Mosseri recently shared in an IGTV video about some changes coming to Instagram. 

In the video, he begins by saying Instagram is shifting their focus from:

  • Businesses to creators
  • Photo to videos
  • Encouraging offline purchases to leaning into the trend of shopping online
  • In-person connections to messaging within the app

>>Then, he states: “We are no longer just a square photo-sharing app.”<<

Clearly, video is the way of the future that many social media platforms have been seeing growth and success with, and Instagram is going to be upping the ante, so-to-speak, to keep up with their video-heavy competitors like YouTube and TikTok.

Interesting, right? 

As a result of this announcement, I went Live inside our private Social Curator Community to give our users a heads up about the update, explain what  Social Curator is planning to prepare for the changes, and tips for how you can embrace it like a billion-dollar business. And guess what, Hustler? That’s exactly what you’re going to hear today!

Click play >>HERE<< to get a sneak peek inside the Social Curator Community and hear my real-time tips about the update. 

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listen to the episode:

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