Standing Out In A Saturated Market Over The Holidays | Social Curator Coaching Session

Are you ready to get your business to stand out?

You have an amazing business that only YOU can uniquely bring into this world. So let’s get others to see that, Buttercup! 

In a recent coaching season, I invited business owners in Social Curator to ask me questions about how to best position their business in a competitive market. 

In this episode, we dive into three main areas: 

  • How to stand out in a saturated market 
  • What to do when your calendar isn't quite as full as you would like it to be
  • How to be strategic on social media to create a steady flow of customers

>> Friend, you are unique enough to stick out in a saturated market <<

Friend, it’s ALLLL about saying heellllooo to real conversations and “Adios Amigo” to the Used Car Salesman approach.

>>You set yourself apart when you add that personal touch and truly put yourself in the shoes of your dream client.<<

If you get one person to book, then your efforts were worth it, boo boo!

So let’s work on finding your confidence, building your message & setting your plan. *We will be cheersing and clicking to your success in no time!* To listen to this full episode >>HERE<<

Many thanks to my amazing guests and their hustlin’ questions! Show them some love on social media! And if you'd like to get on the inside of social curator and join in more of my coaching sessions, head to

Ula Kajtoch

As a nutrition and fitness coach, Ula helps people simplify their nutrition. No food restrictions. No endless hours spent working out. She helps you feel energized, confident, and finally reach your goals. All these with tiny tweaks to your nutrition. Her services are offered online and in-person. 

IG Handle: @eat.move.revive

Heather Cronin

Heather is a lifetime learner of alternative and holistic treatments specializing in massage therapy, reiki, chakras, oracle cards, angel therapy, and soon woman empowerment coaching. She works with her empath and intuitive skills to provide a powerful holistic treatment for self love healing. In addition, Heather creates mystical healing tree of life pendants to strengthen your energy with the use of gemstones known for their healing qualities and sealed with Reiki energy love & light for complete sacred pendant.

IG Handle: @mystical_mamas

Robin Lafond

Robin Lafond is a lifestyle and wedding photographer in rural Saskatchewan.

IG Handle: @shyhorses

Ju De Paula

Ju De Paula is a Brazilian interior designer and online course creator living in the UK. She teaches creative women how to design their own happy, colorful homes that feel like them. She has recently been featured in the BBC and Netflix show Interior Design Masters where she received high praises for her distinctive use of color and patterns to create feel-good spaces.

IG Handle: @blueberrylivingco

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