In A Rut? Let Me Help You!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to create another IGTV video, blog post, podcast episode, newsletter or social media post and the well was empty. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Am I the only one raising my hand?!?? (I bet not!)

>>If you’re building a business, it is not a matter of *IF* you will experience a creative rut, but rather *WHEN* it will happen.<<

I have been there before and I know I will be there again in the future, and listen: I know it sucks. As business owners, creativity is our identity. When we lack creativity, we don’t feel like ourselves.

I’ve been there, I go through these laps time and time again and I know that being in a rut is a lonely place to be. But I am less afraid of the creative ruts for one main reason: We experience God-given emotions to feel them all at 100%.

  • We feel pain so that we fully enjoy the pleasure of joy.
  • We go through anger so that we fully enjoy the pleasure of delight.
  • We experience sadness so that we fully enjoy the pleasure of happiness.

Friend, being in a creative rut is a gift because when you get back in your zone of creating, you will be totally lit up and excited! We are being told–the deepest part of our souls is saying: “Taste this now and don’t forget, because if you continue to show up it will get *really* good.” 

The question is: Will you continue showing up?

This episode is all about how to get out of a creative rut in your business so your work doesn’t feel like work. Ready to get started? Click play >>HERE!<<

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