Dealing with Depression as an Entrepreneur: Jasmine and Amy Porterfield Get Real

Want to know something I’m embarrassed to admit?

I have suffered from depression for years and I used to never want to talk about it… like, stuff-it-in-a-shoe-box-and-shove-it-under-the-bed kind of embarrassment. 

Here’s the thing: I know I portray a dog petting, book reading, coffee drinking, JD loving life on social media but depression can be found in some of the most seemingly happy people you know. 

For many people the holiday season can be a really tough time. Maybe you've had a loved one pass recently, or maybe there’s a lot of expectations on you during the season, or perhaps there's just a lack of sunlight that’s getting you down… whatever it might be boo, know that you are NOT alone. 

That is why I wanted to share with you one of the hardest yet most necessary podcast interviews I have EVER done with my dear friend Amy Porterfield. 

We discuss:

  • What it means to have depression as an entrepreneur
  • How to find a support system if you need it
  • Why you should not be ashamed in sharing your story

There are three goals we wish to accomplish in this episode:

Goal #1: If you're struggling with depression or anxiety or anything around mental health issues, I want you to know that you are not alone. 

Goal #2: Get the conversation started. Mental health issues can be uncomfortable to talk about, but that needs to change. It is time for us to start speaking open about it and for us to start the conversations we wished we had. 

Goal #3: Show you that you still will be successful in spite of or in addition to your depression or any other mental health challenges you are going through right now. 

>>Friend, don’t let your depression make you run and hide.<<

So are you ready? Let's do this TOGETHER. Take a listen by clicking >>HERE.<< And if you feel like somebody else could find this just as valuable, please feel free to share it and tag us @jasminestar and @amyporterfield so that we can support and join the conversation.

Many thanks to Amy Porterfield. Make sure to check out her podcast Online Marketing Made Easy for extremely tactical business tips mixed with warm-and-fuzzy inspiration!

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