3 Tips for Avoiding Burnout in Your Business

Recently, I told JD that I felt burnt out.

We are doing big things in our business, and that takes big energy to bring to fruition.

>>As much as I wanted to continue to push forward towards our dreams, I knew I needed to take a break.<<

Have you ever felt the same, but you continued to burn the candle at both ends? I’ve been there so many times. But over the years, I have learned to rest and not to quit. I hope you do the same.

So recently, we took a staycation to Laguna and I learned a few things…

  • I don’t tan… my freckles simply just connect. 
  • My daughter is part mermaid. 
  • Carbs don’t count on vacation, my husband said so. 
  • Watermelon margaritas should be their own food group. 
  • Salty and sandy kisses are en vogue with 19-month-old babies… and I’m here! for! it! 

But here’s the thing, friend: I know what you’re thinking. ‘Jasmine, I don’t have TIME to take a break. I’m still building my business. I need to make ends meet. I can’t afford to step away.’ etc.

And you know what? That is REAL.

>>For years, I knew that if I stopped, my business stopped. This was frustrating, overwhelming, and downright unsustainable… but that’s the season of life and business I was in.<<

I felt like I had to ‘grind’ because I had no other choice.

So, if this is you right now: I see you. I get it. Though I’d love to sit here and tell you to take a week to go to the beach and recharge when your battery is low, I know that isn’t possible for everyone. 

Instead, I want to give you 3 actionable tips I’ve learned over the years for you to avoid burnout when you’re in a season of hustle. Click play >>HERE<< to hear them!

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