Why is Posting on Social Media So Hard?!

Ugh… Why is posting on social media SO HARD?!

Do you find yourself thinking this every time you sit down to write a post?

I feel you. It was hard for me too, until the Social Curator Team and I came up with an EASY formula to write your captions.

And, (get this!): we created an easy way to get your followers to engage with them!

>>This chat from a recent Facebook Live is all about making posting on social media easier, faster, and more effective.<<

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Caption Template used in this episode:

Would anyone mind if [I/we] spilled just a little tea? [I’m/We’re] so proud of what [I’m/we’re] doing with __________ [summer styles/custom websites/etc.], [I/we] can’t keep it quiet! Head to __________ [the link in my bio/today’s Stories/etc.] to learn all about how [I/we] __________ [create with sustainably-sourced materials/work with clients to bring their vision to life/etc.], then drop whatever questions you have in the comments below. [I’m/We’re] here to help!

Example: Customized for a Health Coach:

Would anyone mind if I spilled just a little tea? I’m so proud of what I’m doing with @clientname, who just completed her first 90 days of personal training with me, and I can’t keep it quiet! Want to learn more about how you can complete this milestone too? Head to the link in my bio to learn all about how we can work together, then drop whatever questions you have in the comments below. I’m here to help YOU get started on your health journey!

There you have it, friend! Gone are the days of wondering what to post and banging your head against the wall coming up with something to say. 

Use this caption template for YOUR business and be sure to share it with me @jasminestar so I can cheer you on!

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