How To Use Instagram Stories To Show The Behind The Scenes of Your Business

Oh boo, I see you sinking lower into your seat as you read the title of this podcast. Instagram stories can be a scary thing! *This introvert gets it! That’s why I love me a good Instagram filter #realtalk* 

If you've been wondering whether or not you should use Instagram stories to relate to your followers and how to navigate the ever-changing algorithm, this episode is for you. So sit a little higher and enjoy! 

>>Friend, stories are profoundly powerful <<

Stories provide the opportunity to bring your followers into who you really are. We all know that someone’s feed is curated to look a certain way… I mean nobody just “woke up like this #blessed.” That’s not real life. 

Stories, on the other hand, really reveal a different side that people can trust. They show the behind the scenes, they show the heart, they show the good and bad. It’s where the real human connection happens. 

Buttercup, your business is not about you, it’s about your followers and being there for them! I know I sound like a broken record and say that a lot but I’m going to shout it from the mountain tops until it really hits home. 

>>So let’s get out of our comfort zones and sit in the awkward so we can show up for our followers! <<

Throw on that filter and make your stories unique to you! All you have to do is hit record and boo, I’d love to hold you accountable! So whether it’s the first time you are posting a story or the 100th I’d love for you to tag me @jasminestar so I can continue on this journey with you. 

Click >>HERE<< to hear more about creating your Instagram Stories. And if you need further help check out my free Instagram Stories checklist >>HERE<<

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