What to Do When Someone Rips You Off

Have you ever had someone rip you off?

I have… in fact, I’m having it happen right now.

>>But I’m choosing to believe everything happens FOR me and not TO me… and that’s how I’m able to *bless and release* this experience.<<

Today’s episode is a really juicy “Ask Me Anything” I hosted on Facebook Live in which I dive deep into this  topic along with other questions from business owners just like you.

Y’all, the business owners who hung out with us Live showed UP with amazing questions!

In this Facebook Live, you’ll hear me answer questions about:

  • Should you post captions on Reels?
  • Should you post Instagram Stories?
  • How to Avoid Business Regret
  • What to Do When People Rip You Off

and more.

I LOVED this conversation and I have a funny feeling you will too. Click play >>HERE!<<

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listen to the episode:

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