Should You Have Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Are you wondering if you should have multiple social media accounts for different brands for businesses?

*If so, this episode is for you!* 

You’re about to hear a recording from the Q+A portion of a class we hosted a couple of months ago, How to Plan, Create, and Execute a Month of Social Media Posts in One Day.

Some of the questions I answer are:

  • I have two businesses, how do I merge the two on one social media account?
  • How often should you go live?
  • Should you post the same thing on multiple platforms?

and you’ll even hear me customize Social Curator caption templates for a Pilates Instructor and a Divorce Life Coach!

I know you’re going to love the questions these business owners asked and of course you’ll also love my raw, tactical advice to help them grow their businesses using social media.

Without further ado, click play >>HERE!<<

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