Their Opinions Don’t Pay Your Bills

Listen up… People have opinions. Or maybe I should say people have O. PIN. IONS. (with a little extra flavor because we all know how vocal everyone is on the internet.)

No matter what you do, someone will have something to say about it:

  • They’ll talk about you whether you decide to start a business or not.
  • They’ll judge you if you decide to sit on the couch or go for a run.
  • People will talk about you whether you decide to have pancakes or a smoothie for breakfast.

Their opinions will always exist, so why don’t you do the dang thing anyway?

  • Why don’t you do what lights your soul on fire?
  • How about you change the world with your passion?
  • What about you do what you were put on this earth to do?

If you’re struggling with people who don’t believe in your business, it’s time to let go of their doubt.

>>I recorded this episode with the hope that you’ll be inspired to rise above the haters and build the business of your dreams, despite their opinions.<<

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