How to Go Up Against the “Big Dogs” of Your Industry | Curator Coaching Session

Are you a small business owner who is chasing big goals?

If so, you’re in great company with the other entrepreneurs you’re about to hear from today!

These 5 brilliant souls are some of the lucky winners from a recent Podcast Review Contest I ran, so they were invited to a private Zoom call with me to get their biggest burning business question answered.

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer their questions:

  • “What advice would you give to a small business owner launching a product that has never been on the market?” 
  • “How can I speak to my ideal client when she’s 20 years younger than me?”
  • “How do you stop working (even in your head) when you want to be present with family?”
  • “Can I merge 2 very different niches to work under the same business or must I create 2 different businesses?”
  • “How do I grow my podcast and YouTube channel subscriptions through social media?”

As always, I kept it REAL with these entrepreneurs in all different industries, so you’re about to hear a mixture of real talk, step-by-step advice, and a kick in the pants.

Intrigued yet? Let’s listen in >>HERE!<<

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Julianne Harvey

Julianne Harvey is the founder of the School of Conversation and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. During her 20 years as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist she discovered many of her clients had challenges navigating difficult conversations – not having tools, skills or the confidence to have important conversations with positive outcomes. It's more important than ever to feel connected with our community, and the School of Conversation is helping provide pathways to connect with your family, friends and in the workplace. The podcast will be launching early 2022 so look out for the Tough Conversations Made Easy Podcast soon.

Alejandra Pereyra

As a 3 Generations branding photographer, Alejandra documents family heirlooms by celebrating the very special bond between a daughter, mom, and grandmother in a unique experience. Her mission is to help MOM-PRENEURS gain brand clarity so that they can serve & attract their ICA with confidence and strategy.

Stefanie Lendzian

As a hairstylist for over 19 years, Stefanie saw a need not only in her industry but for others who were struggling with their skin and scalp. She developed a product to be used on the back of the neck for her female clients after a short haircut service: a 200 year old clubman talc powder. As she was in the process of developing the Dusting Powder, her daughter was going through a horrible bout of eczema, and all the heavy creams and ointments prescribed burned and irritated her surrounding skin. This reinforced Stefanie’s mission to create organic, plant-based powders that treat the skin without leaving bacteria-grabbing residue behind like creams do. NAPRIM Naturals is her brand of all natural, talc-free powders that treat and soothe all skin types.

Kristy Yoder

Kristy Yoder is the Founder and CEO of Smart VAs, a virtual assistant agency. She was able to grow her agency 10x within 3 months after hiring her first virtual assistant and now she has a team of 50+ virtual assistants with 90+ active clients . Kristy is an expert in the area of delegation and hiring virtual assistants. She also hosts a podcast called Master Delegator that focuses on delegation and hiring virtual assistants.

Stephanie Diehl

Stephanie is a wife and mom focused on helping moms be more present at home through actionable advice and encouragement. Through her blog, podcast, and best-selling children’s book Sydney’s Adventures: Seventh Inning Birthday, she encourages parents and their children to be brave!

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