Real Talk Q+A: Pushing Through Depression When No One Supports Your Business

One of my favorite ways to connect with you is on the podcast and via text… and today, I’m combining both of my loves.

Recently, I texted members of my text community telling them to ask me ANYTHING (from business to my personal life and everything in between), and today you’re going to hear my honest answers to them.

I received some GREAT questions, including:

  • Is there any specific strategy to launch with luxury prices when many competitors price much lower? I’m in the quilt industry.
  • As a solo entrepreneur, what is the best way to approach having a baby and creating space for “maternity leave” when it all is on your shoulders?
  • I am an accessories company. I keep trying to figure out what “problem” people have that I'm here to solve without talking about price.
  • I've taken a LONG break from posting on social media. What are some things I should consider before jumping back in?

and more!

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listen to the episode:

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