Overcoming the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There | Curator Coaching Session

WOW…. That’s all I can say after the coaching session I had recently with Social Curator users.

These business owners were vulnerable and open about their struggles in a way that made me so proud to mentor them.

Ready to hear their questions (and my raw, unfiltered answers) yourself?

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • “How do I transition my Facebook, which has always been more of my personal page, to come across more business yet not seem too pushy or cocky?”
  • “How can I show up and serve even on days when I’m questioning if I have enough value to give?”
  • “How important is it for me to drill down to a specific ideal client avatar when I already have a following of the general public?”
  • “How do I turn what I do naturally (inspire, support and teach others) into a lucrative business that supports me as an individual?”
  • “What can I say or do daily to help boost my confidence and fear of putting myself out there on social again?”

Click play to hear my answers >>HERE!<<

The business owners coached in this episode were selected after leaving a review for the Jasmine Star Show on iTunes. Though the contest is over, I’d still be forever grateful if you left a review and of course, I wouldn’t ask for it without giving you something in return!

After leaving an iTunes review for the Jasmine Star Show, you can still click >>HERE<< to grab my Hashtag Strategy Guide as a thank-you gift, which is a done-for-you guide on how to determine 30 hashtags for your own business to use when posting on Instagram!

Lauren Linton

Lauren Linton is an experienced yoga instructor and yoga lifestyle coach. Driven by a passion to help others feel more themselves and more free in their expression of self, she is always learning and developing new methodologies of growth. Lauren leads group programs and 1 on 1 clients in a method that blends science and spirituality, as well as integrates mindfulness, movement, and self-discovery to dive deeper into your purpose. She aims to show you how you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of, without the input or impact of others. When she isn’t on her mat, you can find her sharing her love for life at outdoor live music shows and festivals, on the water (beach or lake, doesn’t make a difference) or with her acroyoga and waterski community.

Lizzie Seaburg

Lizzie is a launch content coach on a mission to teach online coaches to embrace their unique launch archetypes—AKA the launch process that aligns best with your personal motivations, strengths and energy levels to create launch strategies that are profitable, scalable, and strategic. She mixes her experience with launching and project management to help you develop systems for your launch that make it easy-to-implement and a repeatable process that can grow as you do. Her goal is to help you embrace the mess and take the fear out of launching in your business.

Paula Peterson

Paula is a mom, daughter, grandma who lives in Northern Minnesota. She’s enjoyed being an entrepreneur for most of her = adult life. She has a couple businesses, and the one that brings her the most joy is being a Happiness Coach. Paula has been inspired to be a Happiness Coach for entrepreneurs because she herself was an unhappy entrepreneur. Once she reclaimed her happiness, everything changed. She now looks forward to waking up to a life and business of her dreams, and helping others do the same.

Rabia Nunes

Rabia creates ​​handmade luxe candles and crochet products you deserve that are made in Canada and individually, beautifully packaged for you.

Soneca Guadara

Soneca Guadara is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Style Coach helping women elevate their self image and transform their lives. She helps them look Stylish and Feel Confident.

Her motto is Style + Confidence = Success

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