Unqualified? Unfunded? Uneducated? GOOD, Now Go Start a Business: Tips with Sharon Says So

Today’s episode is a recording from my interview on Sharon McMahon’s podcast, Sharon Says So.

In it, Sharon and I share ways to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals… and it has nothing to do with being the smartest, richest or most qualified in the room.

And I’ll be honest, Hustler…

>>I LOVED our conversation about how we can succeed even if we feel unqualified, unfunded, and uneducated.<<

In this episode, you’ll also hear me explain that sometimes the key to success is failure, why always being the smartest in the room won’t allow you to grow to your highest potential as an entrepreneur, how to navigate social media as a public figure, and more.

Read to let go of fear and step into success? Let’s listen in >>HERE!<<

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