I Made 20 Content Ideas for You

Do you have a pet peeve? (C’mon, I know you do!)

Whether you can’t stand when people chew with their mouths open, drive slow, or talk during a movie, I bet you thought of your biggest pet peeve as soon as I asked.

And while I can definitely relate to those personal pet peeves, I also have professional ones, too. (I know, diva much?) Let me explain…

>>My biggest pet peeve is when business owners say they have nothing to post on social media for their business.<<

I’m sure I just rubbed some people the wrong way, but it’s my truth!

It’s my biggest pet peeve because I KNOW business owners have endless amounts of content they could be creating… The content exists in the everyday tasks they’re doing for their business, their story, and their interests. Plus, I know the endless possibilities for your business if you just commit to posting consistently on social media!

That being said, I’m recording this episode and made the corresponding free guide because I want to help you discover the content that is already within you, and use it to bring your business to new heights.

By the end of this episode and free guide, you will have 20 new content ideas, along with clear directions on how to create each one with a combination of video tutorials, caption templates, and post examples. 

Ready to get started? Download the corresponding guide to this episode >>HERE<< and then click play >>HERE!<<

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