How to Know When to Push Forward, Pivot, or Quit

You may remember a few weeks ago I recorded a podcast episode answering questions I had received from my text community, and at the end, I asked you to shoot me a text or DM if you enjoyed the episode and wanted to hear more.

Well, y’all really understood the assignment, because I heard from SO many of you who said you loved it!

In case you hadn’t heard the last one, I texted members of my text community telling them to ask me ANYTHING (from business to my personal life and everything in between).

My Podcast Producer Kristi chose a few more for me to answer, and full disclosure: before recording this episode, I hadn’t seen them or planned out my responses, so you’re getting my raw, real-time advice on:

  • How do you know if challenges are telling you it's time to push harder, to pivot, or to quit and start over?
  • How do I find the original voice overs that people use on their reels? Do I need to be on TikTok? Thank you!
  • I would love to know… How do you manage having clients, recording videos, being a wife and a mom all at the same time?
  • What was your detailed process from transitioning from your full-time job to an award winning photographer? And then from a photographer to CEO of Social Curator?
  • How did you decide between a course or membership for your paid content? I'm in both SC and Selling on Social and they're both excellent. About to revamp my course and wondering if a membership model might fit better…how did you decide?
  • I noticed you never recommend delegating the whole social media thing to a VA. Why is that? Or could I?

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If you have any questions like the business owners you heard from today, ask me by shooting me a text and you just might get an answer on a future episode of the podcast! Text me >>HERE<<… I can’t wait to hear from you!

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