Nail Your Niche: Tips to Finding Your Dream Customer

What is your NICHE? I know that can be a scary + fancy word… *I mean how do you even pronounce it?* but when it comes to marketing your business, specificity is key.

*Specificity is the master key of all keys on your 37 key ring.*

>>There are riches in niches, boo boo.<<

If you’re like me, the first thing I do when hiring someone or buying a product trying to find someone to hire or a business to buy from is go to read their bio or About Me section.

  • I want to know whose work I'm looking at.
  • I want to see the product or service through their eyes.
  • I want to know they are an authority in my area of need. 

In order for you to stick out in a saturated market, you have to become an authority based on personality, purpose, and promise of what you're going to deliver to the customer.

When it comes to identifying your niche, ask yourself:

  • What problem do you specifically solve?
  • Who do you specifically serve? 
  • How specifically do you serve them?
  • Why you? Why you over another business?  

>>Your niche doesn't define you and it doesn't put you in a box.<<

You have infinite potential with multiple zones of genius. A niche refers to ONE of your courses, services, or products.

Niching down isn’t going to limit yourself and it’s not going to lose you customers or sales.  People buy from specialists. In fact I’m going to go bold here and say they will buy faster and with less resistance when you niche down.

From my experience, every time I created a niche, people drove longer to get to my speaking engagements, invested earlier in a service, were less resistant and asked for way less refunds. 

>>Getting specific is going to feel uncomfortable at first and Buttercup that's normal. But I challenge you to start working on it, because nothing good is ever found inside your comfort zone.<<

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