Crypto Curious Part 5: How to Create NFTs for Your Business

Since you started taking action on what you’ve learned throughout the Crypto Curious series, you’re aaaaalmost an NFT pro now.

But there are just a few more terms to be familiar with, and then we’ll close out this series with how you can make money by creating NFTs!

>>Minting is the process of creating an NFT.<<

In the same way that a quarter can be minted, creators can “mint” their collectible artworks!

A brief overview of the steps to create an NFT for your business is:

  1. Brainstorm a concept
  2. Get your content together
  3. Formalize your perks
  4. Get a roadmap
  5. Build a marketing plan
  6. Set a launch date
  7. Upload your NFT(s) to OpenSea

If you feel overwhelmed by this process or don’t consider yourself “tech savvy” enough to create NFTs, that’s okay! Buying and selling NFTs is still an excellent way to make a profit in the cryptocurrency space.

Want to learn more about which businesses should create NFTs, as well as Daniel’s predictions for the future of NFTs? Click play >>HERE!<<

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