What to Say to Social Media Haters: A Follow-Up with Bianca Olthoff

I’ll be honest, dear podcast listener… I need to come correct.

Last week, I released a podcast episode titled The Secret to Dealing with Social Media Haters, and I didn’t serve you or the rest of the Jasmine Star Show podcast community right.

>>In last week’s podcast, I discussed how to let the comments from social media haters fall off your back… but I didn’t give you tactical tips on what to say to them.<<

When I discussed this episode with my twin sister, Bianca Olthoff, she opened my eyes to the fact that it’s “easy” for me to let mean comments roll off my back… but she and the majority of my listeners are bothered by them and aren’t able to do that.

I completely missed the mark in the episode, which is why I needed to invite my sister on the show to help me hit the target!

In this conversation, Bianca…

  • Asked hard questions
  • Opened herself up to be vulnerable
  • Encouraged me to give tactical tips for my listeners

And for that, I’m so grateful.

If you’re ready for this off-the-cuff bonus episode, click play >>HERE!<<

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