Your First 5 Steps to Starting a Business

When I started my photography business over 15 years ago, I knew nothing (yes, literally nothing) about how to run a business. Growing up, I never knew an entrepreneur, nor had I ever dreamed of becoming one… I was simply an artist who wanted to share my gift with the world.

Taking the first step in my business seemed daunting, overwhelming, and nearly impossible…

Actually, forget about actually taking the first step… I didn’t even KNOW what my first step was supposed to BE!

Have you been there?

I can almost guarantee that every new business owner asked the question, “Where do I even START?” at the beginning of their journey and wished they had a roadmap to follow. I know I did!

>>Now, with a decade of experience under my belt and having made plenty of mistakes along the way, I feel confident in saying I know how to build a business from the ground up.<<

The plus side is that I did it without talent, resources, money, or connections… and I know you can too, despite the odds stacked against you.

By the end of this podcast episode, you’ll have learned the first 5 steps to starting a business to ensure you’re embarking on the path to profitability. Plus, I created a corresponding workbook for you to follow along and take notes! It even has a step-by-step checklist for you to use to stay on track. You can download my New Business Checklist >>HERE.<<

I can’t wait to see you turn your IDEA into a profitable business, and my New Business Checklist is the perfect resource to help you do that. Download it now and then let’s get started by clicking play >>HERE!<<

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