TikTok vs. Reels: Which is Better?

Do you have someone in your life who, whenever you see them, spend time with them, and speak with them, you feel completely fulfilled and happy they’re in your life?

For me, that person is James Wedmore.

I’ve spoken about him on the podcast plenty of times, so I won’t bore you with the details of how we met in his mastermind, and how he has become an incredible mentor and friend to me over the years.

But I WILL say this: when you find someone who supports you AND challenges you, makes you feel seen and heard yet doesn’t listen to your excuses, and encourages you to be the best version of yourself… hold on to that person.

>>Every time I speak with James, I have lightbulb moments… and today, I want to share one of these moments with you.<<

The conversation you’re about to hear was an interview I had with him on the Mind Your Business podcast, where we discussed consuming, understanding, and creating valuable content on TikTok vs. Instagram Reels.

It was a really interesting topic, and I know you’ll enjoy our insights and banter, and be able to apply them to your content creation strategy. So without further ado, click play >>HERE!<<

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listen to the episode:

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