Instagram Update: Marketing Tips and Latest Updates to Use in Your Business

Does Instagram REALLY matter?

I was thinking about this topic the other day because let me deal it to you straight: many business owners have personal opinions around specific platforms and it’s affecting their decision-making when it comes to using social media for their business.

For example, many entrepreneurs think Instagram is:

  • Only for young people, or only for old people.
  • Only for established brands, or only for new accounts.
  • They think it’s too old, some think it’s too new.
  • They think their target audience isn’t there, whereas some think their target audience is there but they can’t reach them because the ‘algorithm gods’ are out to get them… So why would they even try?

As you can see, many of these beliefs are contrasting and, honestly, completely unfounded. This is why I’m under the opinion that you CANNOT allow your own personal opinions to cloud our judgment.

>>Our objective as business owners is to make decisions that benefit our business… personal feelings aside.<<

We have to CHOOSE to market our business using the best outlets available to us. 100 years ago, it was via newspapers… then the radio… then it was on TV… then it transformed into billboards, the internet, and finally: social media.

I personally think that in 2022, for many business owners Instagram is an excellent place to market your business.

It’s completely fine if you choose not to use social media, but if you use Instagram to market your business, I’d like to share with you my top 2 tips for business owners using this platform in 2022 >>HERE!<<

In this episode I also referenced a way I demonstrated how you can create at least 8 pieces of content using the things around you, like making a pizza. Click the link for a behind the scenes look at how our team did it!

I hope these tips will help you use Instagram to market your business… because my prediction is that it’s here to stay, and it’s NEVER too late to start! If you’d like even MORE help with your social media marketing strategy, I’m hosting a free class I’m sure you’d LOVE: How to Plan, Create, and Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE Day. There, I’ll teach you how to batch your content and post in 5 minutes or less so you spend less time thinking and more time DOING. I know you’ll love this class (it’s actually the most popular one I’ve ever taught!) so  save your seat >>HERE<< and learn how to cut your social media planning time in HALF!

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