Crypto Conversations: Birthday NFTs, VeeCon + BFF Mint

If you followed along with our Crypto Curious series in February and March 2022, you know that me and my favorite crypto-savvy co host Daniel Di Venere *love* nerding out about NFTs.

Though we covered the basics during the series and in the corresponding checklist including relevant terms, how to create a wallet, and tips for buying and selling your first NFT, we still only scratched the surface with what there is to learn.

And since we closed out the series just a few weeks ago, there are plenty of things we’d like to update you on… which is why Daniel and I decided to break out our podcasting mics for this off-the-cuff bonus episode!

This is the start of Crypto Conversations, a periodic series in which Daniel and I invite you to listen in on our candid chats regarding NFT updates, news in the cryptocurrency space, and more.

Some of the updates we’ll discuss in this are:

  • Jasmine’s “birthday NFT” personally minted by Daniel (see picture below!)
  • How Daniel was able to purchase a ticket to VeeCon (and lost money along the way)
  • The recent BFF Mint and why it’s significant

And more!

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listen to the episode:

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