You WILL Be “Too Much”… And That’s Your Superpower

They WILL say you’re too old/young/rich/poor/Black/Brown/White/dumb/smart. You’ll always be “too” something. Too much, too little.

So often we stop our growth for fear of what others will say.

  • We hide our light to make other people comfortable.
  • We speak softly, stand in shadows, and play it down with subconscious hopes that our enough-ness won’t highlight someone else’s insecurities.

But by doing so, we live a half-life of what we could do, who we could become.

This episode is a recording from an Instagram Live in which I share my perspective, answer questions, do a live coaching session, and share what I learned in hopes that someone (hopefully YOU) will get 1% stronger to step into their power. Ready? Click play >>HERE!<<

If you were motivated by this episode, let me know in an iTunes review! Until next time, I hope you own your magic and know you’re enough.

I hope when someone says you’re “too much” that you have the courage to ask, “Am I too much, or are you basic?”

JK. (Not really.)

Be you. Own it. When you make it into the room, or stand in front of your phone, or talk on a podcast, or speak on a stage, or make your first sale…

I hope you hold your head up high, because you’re doing the thing you once thought was impossible.

Don’t let their doubts hold you down.

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