Does Imposter Syndrome Ever Go Away? | Curator Coaching Session

As you may know, coaching business owners is one of the most fulfilling elements of what I do.

I go Live on Instagram and Facebook every week answering your questions, host group coaching sessions inside the private Social Curator community… heck, I coach friends, family, and colleagues that don’t even ASK for my advice!

I can’t help it… it’s just what I love to do.

Today’s episode is one such coaching session in which I answer questions for small business owners who subscribe to Social Curator.

You’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • “I started a podcast last Fall and I really enjoy it, but how do I find my Ideal Client on the airwaves?”
  • “Does the feeling of ‘who am I to run this business’ ever go away?”
  • “I have a brick & mortar spa and an online ecommerce store that I'm building. How do I balance posting about both?”

I’m so excited for you to hear their questions on everything from growing a podcast to overcoming imposter syndrome, so let’s jump right in >>HERE!<<

*In my advice to one of the small business owners in this episode, I also refer to a previous episode of the Jasmine Star Show in which we discuss how to pitch yourself for a podcast. You can listen to that episode >>HERE!<<*

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Genieva Davidson

Genieva Davidson is a virtual assistant who specializes in video editing and content creation. She’s a retired teacher who was passionate about helping bring visual creativity and organization to CEOS to help them bring their brand vision to life. She loves the ocean, is a mama to a little girl, and even lives on a sailboat of her own while running her business.

Lynn Turcotte-Schuh

Lynn Turcotte-Schuh is an Educator, Speaker and Mentor on a mission to breakdown the myth of Supermom and redefine what it means to be a super Mom. Through workshops, coaching and an online community, Lynn helps postpartum Mamapreneurs go from overwhelmed, stressed-out and riddled with guilt to feeling confident, balanced and connected to their kids. When not supporting other Mamas, you will most likely find Lynn with her wife and daughter on their small homestead in the woods – hanging out with the chickens, caring for her garden or leading an awesome kitchen dance party.

Nancy Reagan

A luxury beauty spa, Bella Reina, is Delray Beach’s A-List spa and was voted Best Day Spa in Florida and North America. Created by Nancy Reagan, aesthetics expert and skincare coach, this beauty oasis focuses on wellness, self-care, and premium products. Advanced expert treatments include HydraFacial MD, Dermaplaning, Ombre Brows, Brow Wax, Tinting, Slimming Infrared Body Wraps, Peels, and Acne Facials. Discover organic, K-Skin, and vegan spa treatments that combine holistic therapies with medical aesthetics for state-of-the-art treatments with results. Bella Reina has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Dermascope, Skin Inc, American Spa, and numerous other publications.

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