How to Get Paid to Talk About Brands You Love: Affiliate Marketing 101

I’m about to admit something a liiiiittle embarrassing… For years, I was totally against affiliate marketing in my business.

I always respected influencers who made money posting links to their outfits, doing sponsored posts, and asking their audience to check out their favorite brand of coffee, but I never felt like it was for me…

…That is, until I discovered Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

I loved it so much that in the beginning of 2022, Social Curator launched our first Affiliate program to give our users a chance to earn money for telling their friends about our platform.

>>Whether you’re considering becoming an influencer or would just like to add another revenue for your business, affiliate marketing is a great way to share things you use every day AND make a little money, too.<<

If you’re wondering how to get started, how to promote your link, and some quick tips to ensure you’re making the most you can as an Affiliate, this episode is for you!

Click play >>HERE<< for the 4-1-1 about all things affiliate marketing (which, truth be told, is what I wish someone had given me!)

As you can probably tell, I’m SO passionate about business owners getting paid to talk about brands they love and believe in. That’s why I was so excited to launch the Social Curator Affiliate program earlier this year!

If you love helping small businesses, you dig Social Curator, and you’re a fan of creating sales for yourself and others, you’re a perfect fit to become a Social Curator Affiliate.  There’s absolutely no limit to how much you can earn as an Affiliate, and it’s so easy to get started! Click >>HERE<< to sign up today!

listen to the episode:

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