The Story of Jasmine + JD featuring Amy Porterfield

One of my favorite questions I get asked on a regular basis is, “What is it like to work with your husband?” 

The reason I love this question is because it allows me to give them a little peek behind the curtains. I get to tell them how INCREDIBLE this man I get to do life with really is, and how this journey of living and working together has unfolded through the years. 

The truth…

>>JD is 100% the conductor to this party train! I would go off the tracks without him.<<

I am #blessed with a partner who believes wholeheartedly in me and the wild, crazy dreams I have. But, you might be surprised to find out that I’m not the only one with the ideas.

This partnership is a true one – where we dream together, push each other, and support one another in life and business. 

When we decided to do an episode about our relationship and how we’ve made things work, I wanted to do it a little differently. This is why I brought in one of my best friends and one of the funniest women I know!

You might recognize her as the online course- list-building-webinar-crushing – entrepreneurial powerhouse Amy Porterfield, but today she’s more of a Dr. Phil type diving deep into the ins and outs of my relationship with the real MVP – JD.   

I hope you are ready for some straight up vulnerability because in this episode we dish it ALL:

  • How the stars aligned and JD fell head over heels for me. At least- that’s how I like to tell the story. 
  • How we dated for nine years [yes you read that right!] and how payphones and letters kept our relationship going… were we living in 1920? Yes, yes we were. 
  • What roles we both play in our personal and business lives. Friends, I don’t even know how to turn on a washing machine >don’t judge, it gets real up in here<
  • How we set boundaries. We completely unplug at 6 oclock! 
  • What our favorite things are about one another and what drives us crazy about the other one. I TOTALLY played nice, but JD throws some major shade!  

Okay – that’s all the stalling I can do. Now there is nothing left to do but for you to go listen to this episode…. which has me shaking in my boots. You go ahead and give it a listen by clicking >>HERE<< and I’ll be scheduling our first therapy appointment!

Many thanks to Amy for bringing out all the good – and slightly embarrassing – parts of my relationship with JD.  To connect with Amy, find her on Instagram or her website. She is the absolute best.

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