3 Ways to Spark Curiosity (+ Grow Your Business!) with My Husband JD

I’ll be honest… It's been a tough week.

My husband and business partner, JD, and I had to make difficult business decisions and specifically make time for each other to reconnect.

Although my first inclination was to run and hide from it, I decided to pull out my microphone and hit ‘record’ instead.

This episode is partially a time capsule for us to document where we are in business today, and it’s also to share with you a few ways JD and I spark curiosity to keep ourselves motivated while growing Social Curator.

(It’s also an excuse to laugh, reminisce, and tell stories with my husband… and share it with you!)

Feeling like you need a little pick-me-up in your business? Click play on mine and JD’s conversation >>HERE.<<

And if you STILL need a pick-me-up, email JD! He’ll send the first 10 listeners who send him an email a special surprise in the mail… and it *may* be in his very own handwriting. (Yes, really!)

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>>It’ll be okay, and it’ll be better than you think.<<

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