How to Remove Fear and Replace it with Messy Success with Cathy Heller

Fear can be a crippling thing. I know that all too well. *Fear is like that uninvited guest at the party who NEVER FAILS to show up.*

From birth, we have all developed survival skills and what often happens is that we approach everything in life with a strategy to avoid pain so we don’t put ourselves out there.

Listen, I get it friend: the stakes are high and vulnerability can be crippling. But every successful person I know has one thing in common:. They give themselves permission to do the hard things, even when it isn't perfect and even when they are messy. 

>>I know you want to find the success you’ve always dreamed of… But it won’t come knocking on your door without the courage to embrace the mess.<<

In this episode, I’m joining one of my dear friends Cathy Heller, host of the podcast and author of Don't Keep Your Day Job. One of the reasons we get along so well is that we both love being messy. 

 To clarify, we are neat and tidy people but when it comes to building a business, we believe that:

>>Being messy is the fastest way to learn and grow.<<

Every time I’ve put myself out there and embraced the messiness it’s pushed me forward, it’s helped me to grow and you know what I haven’t regretted one bit of it. So click >>HERE<< to find your courage and start taking those steps toward success! 

If you loved this episode, connect with Cathy Heller and check out her podcast, Don’t Keep Your Day Job!

Cathy Heller

Bio: Cathy is a fire hose of inspiration. Each week, Cathy encourages thousands and thousands of listeners to find more purpose in their life and get paid to do what they love full time. Cathy’s show has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost and Inc Magazine's “top 9 podcasts”. Throughout the show, she has interviewed creative entrepreneurs like blogger Seth Godin, actress Jenna Fischer, designer Jonathan Adler, makeup artist Bobbi Brown, Starbucks’s Howard Schultz, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, singer songwriter Colbie Caillat, and author Gretchen Rubin to name a few. Cathy often says “purpose is the opposite of depression” and she is truly lifting others to be the happiest version of themselves.

IG Handle: @cathy.heller

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