How Much Is Your Popularity Worth?

How much is your popularity worth in your business?!

Give me 10 minutes to change your mind about vanity metrics on social media, up-level your Instagram game, and build trust with a small audience because I have news for you: 

>>As a business owner, profitability is WAY more important than being popular.<<

Because can we normalize talking about what really keeps you in business?

Spoiler Alert: It’s not your passion for what you do, why you do it, or consistently posting Reels *gasp!* 

Are those things vital to your overall growth and success? Absolutely! But loving what you do doesn’t pay the bills. Making a PROFIT is what keeps you in business.

You provide a product and/or service that is valuable, needed, and WORTH paying for. It’s time to hold your head up high, be proud of what you offer, and charge accordingly, and I want to help you do just that in my course, S.O.S. Selling on Social.

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