Best Strategies for Getting Your First Sale on Instagram

Are you trying to get your FIRST sale on Instagram and don’t know where to begin?!

Today’s episode is a recording from an Ask Me Anything session I hosted on Facebook, in which I answer live questions from business owners just like you, including this one.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Strategies for getting your first sale on Instagram
  • How to gain trust with a small audience
  • How to break away from self doubt
  • Getting clear on your ‘why’

and more. 

Regardless of your industry, I know you can apply the advice I give in this episode to your business.

At the end of the day, the core of what we ALL do is the SAME:  We sell.  That’s it. As we build a business, we simply SELL.

Social Curator users like Amanda sell children’s toys, Shawnna is a realtor, Chelsea is a professional henna artist, Tenisha sells coconut wax candles, Hanar is a pharmacist, Zac is a marketing strategist, Suzanne teaches online cake decorating classes…

They all sell different things, but they all do ONE thing the same:  Sell on Social Media.

If you’re ready to hear my best strategies for turning followers into customers and how to position yourself as an authority in your industry, click play >>HERE!<<

There’s few things I love more than connecting with business owners in real-time to help them create a life they love, so thank you for being here! To never miss another episode, subscribe to the Jasmine Star Show on Apple Podcasts!

listen to the episode:

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