Building Your Dream Business Using What You Have Right Now with Wes Kao

Want to build a dream business but feel defeated by what you don’t have (a bigger budget, more team members, extra time, etc.)?

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When you do, you’ll hear the conversation I had with Wes Kao – the co-founder of the altMBA and one of the creators of the modern cohort-based education movement with Seth Godin.

In our conversation, Wes shares candidly about the lessons she’s learned over the years and the guiding question she uses as she builds her new business, Maven, the world’s first digital platform for cohort-based courses:

What is the practical thing I can do right now with the assets and constraints I have today?

Wes also breaks down what cohort-based education is and gives examples of how it can be used successfully by creatives and entrepreneurs to share their expertise in a simple and highly effective format.

If you’re looking for some motivation to take action, want to explore the possibility of creating a cohort-based course for your business, or simply want to learn what Wes tells herself each day to keep from overthinking, this episode is for you.

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