The Exercise that Changed My Business | Reflections on my Experience in Stanford’s Latino Business Action Network Program

Just a few weeks ago, I completed a business scaling program at Stanford University, and walked across the stage to receive my certificate from the Latino Business Action Network.

The program was only four months long, but it changed my life. The person I was when I entered in September was an entirely different person than when I graduated in December.

And while I am so very grateful, I need to be honest: it wasn’t easy. I was challenged and stretched. My eyes were opened to see all of my mistakes in my current future and I had to make hard decisions about the actions I needed to take as a result.

Click >>PLAY<< to hear my reflections and learn about the powerful exercise I was asked to complete that opened a vault of truth that I hadn’t previously had the courage to open.

My hope is that by bringing you along on this journey with me, you can learn alongside me and we can, together, build businesses and live lives that are so much bigger than we could imagine.

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