3 Reasons Why People Get Stuck | Interview on The Aww Shift Podcast

You know those conversations that start from the heart right away – the ones where there’s no small talk about the weather, no introduction… nothing but straight up honesty?

Friend, that’s exactly the kind of conversation I had with Anthony Trucks on his Aww Shift podcast recently… and it was GOOD.

In fact, the very first question he asked me was “Why should I listen to you?”

(I mean.. c’mon! How good is that?)

Anthony generously agreed to let me share our conversation with you – so click >>PLAY<< if you want to hear us talk about:

  • Understanding and owning the value you bring to the world;
  • The importance of transparency and sharing who you are without apology;
  • The 3 reasons people get stuck in business (and how to be ok when people say “no” to your offer);
  • Why I’m so passionate about consistency and believing in yourself;
  • What I hope JD and I pass on to Luna.

I’m so grateful to Anthony for inviting me to be on his show – and I hope our conversation serves you, regardless of where you’re at in your business journey. If you’re unfamiliar with Anthony – he’s a former NFL player turned transformational identity coach, and he focuses on helping people shift their identities to realize the change they want to see in their lives. You can learn more about the work he does at his website – anthonytrucks.com – and if you enjoyed our conversation, drop him a DM at @anthonytrucks to say thank you!

listen to the episode:

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