How To Establish A Daily Routine That Will Profoundly Impact Your Life And Business

Boo boo, do you ever feel like you there’s not enough hours in the day? *I feel you!*

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or play that comparison game and look at how much more productive someone else was with their day,but we ALLLLLLL have the same 24 hours and can equally be successful with them with a few simple steps.

>>Today, I’m going to show you how to establish a daily routine that will profoundly impact your life and business.<<

Get ready to take that sigh of relief and have those extra hours for self care or to spend time with the family!

Just recently I was asked about my daily routine, specifically how I start off each day and establish a routine to maximize productivity. 

A few years ago, I would’ve told you I was captain of that struggle train

I got caught up solely focusing on what was due in that moment and what my deadlines were rather than thinking about the bigger picture. 

So I started asking myself: 

  • Where do I want to go?
  • What do I want to create? 
  • What is going to change where I am now to where I want to be in the future?

And here’s the biggest thing I learned:  

>>Where you want to go in your business lies in setting your daily non negotiables.<<

Creating a daily routine begins with setting priorities and working from there.

For example, a priority for me is walking the dog with my husband first thing in the morning and then making a green smoothie when we arrive home.

After that, I knew I wanted to spend my days creating and connecting with people.

So I wrote all of this down and started forming my perfect day. 

When I figured out how I wanted my day to flow, I was then able to plan for everything I wanted to involve!

>>So boo, I want to ask you the same question: what would a perfect day look like for YOU?<<

*Dream big but be practical my friend… I don’t want answers like being on a boat in the middle of the Mediteranean Sea eating shellfish until my heart’s content. It’s not that kind of perfect day.*

If you aren't picturing what your perfect day looks like, you'll have no ability to actually make plans for how it could look. So let’s start building that discipline and mindset. 

>>Every good thing that you love doing is on the other side of discipline.<<

If you’re ready to start building your schedule around non-negotiables and hear more about my favorite steps to setting a routine Click >>HERE<< to listen to my podcast. I want to give you the power to feel accomplished and refreshed after each and every day. 

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