How to Talk about Money with Your Partner and Build a Rich Life Together with Ramit Sethi

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly looking at our numbers – how much money did we make this month? What was our profit? Our revenue? Was that new tool/team member/course a good investment?

But when it comes to talking about the numbers with our partner, we freeze. We don’t know what to say or we don’t know how to say it… and so we avoid, we fight about the cost of tomatoes, and we get stuck in the same arguments again and again.

How do we get out of this cycle and create a life we love with our partner?

Enter financial expert Ramit Sethi. Ramit was a guest of the podcast back in April 2020 (listen to his episode >>HERE<<) and our conversation about pricing at that time remains one of the most downloaded episodes of the Jasmine Star Show to date.

In this episode, he not only gives practical money advice for entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey – he pairs this advice with scripts for how to involve your partner and have meaningful, productive conversations about money and building a rich life together.

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  • [01:04] The 411 on Ramit’s wildly popular podcast: I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  • [03:22] How the way we talk about money defines the roles that it plays in our relationships
  • [05:38] How the Rich Life Review meeting with your partner can transform the way you think about and act towards money
  • [10:20] Scripts for how a brand new entrepreneur could talk to their partner about starting their business
  • [14:43] Scripts for how an entrepreneur could talk to their partner about they haven’t made as much money as they’d like and what to do about it
  • [18:59] Scripts for how an entrepreneur who has done well and been very profitable could talk to their partner about requests they’re receiving from others for loans.
  • [19:50] How to set up your financial systems to allow for guilt-free spending
  • [21:50] How to navigate conversations about money during dating relationships as an entrepreneur
  • [24:13] Why the way you feel about money is highly uncorrelated to the amount of money you have in the bank
  • [27:50] What’s going on beneath the surface when you avoid money and want to abdicate responsibility for it – and what to do about it
  • [34:38] Why it’s important for both partners in a relationship to be involved in financial decisions
  • [36:27] How to connect further with Ramit

If you learn more with Ramit, you can find his I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast >>HERE<<. His money coaching program can be found >>HERE<< and you can follow him on instagram @ramit.

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Ramit Sethi

Ramit has been a thought leader in the personal finance industry for many years. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller: I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Since then, he has helped thousands of people live their Rich Lives and uncover their deepest issues with their psychology around money.

He wants to help people feel less guilty with their money and to spend extravagantly on the things that matter most to them, while cutting mercilessly on the things that don’t. He has also been focusing on helping couples with their financial issues with the new I Will Teach You To Be Rich Podcast.

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