Finding Contentment in Hard Seasons | Interview on the Powerhouse Women Podcast

I recently had a conversation with Lindsey Schwartz, Founder of Powerhouse Women, for the Powerhouse Women podcast and our conversation was so good that I just had to share it with you today (many thanks to Lindsey for her kindness in allowing me to do so).

Lindsey is a friend of mine – but she’s also a brilliant entrepreneur and an incredible podcast host who cares deeply about helping women succeed in life and business.

During our conversation, we got honest about how comparison has shown up in our lives and I shared my thoughts on the framework I’ve put into practice over the years to not only fight comparison but develop true contentment, regardless of how “easy” or “hard” a season might be. We also chatted about experiencing and redefining overwhelm, embracing the power of choice, and what friendship looks like for us as introverted business women who care deeply about our families and our businesses.

(I told you – our conversation was GOOD).

Go grab a coffee, hop on the treadmill, start cooking dinner – whatever you do when you listen to podcasts – and >>click play<< now. I think you’ll be encouraged by our honest conversation on what it looks like to do the mental and emotional work of building a business.

(And be sure to follow Lindsey on Instagram at @llindseyschwartz.)

listen to the episode:

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