Turn Your Dreams into Reality: How to Avoid Dead-End Questions and Create Possibilities

This episode is not what you think.

Yes, it’s practical – but it’s also real and honest and a little messy.

I get vulnerable and I share that I had a realization last year that I had subconsciously stopped sharing an inside look at my business.

If I’m honest – I stopped sharing because I felt uncertain with how I was doing things and I felt exposed. I knew I was doing things wrong, but I didn’t know how to do it right. Sharing that felt like too much.

But a few things happened in early 2023 that shifted my perspective – and I recommitted to sharing the journey – the good, bad, and ugly – with you.

In this episode, I detailed WHAT happened and the biggest takeaway I learned from it all: avoid dead end questions.

(Dead end questions are questions that lead you nowhere and get you stuck. They don’t have logical answers and use the past to prevent the future).

If you want to know more about this recent shift in my business AND learn how I’ve opened up possibilities by avoiding dead end questions (and how you can do the same), click >>PLAY<<. You’ll hear:

  • [01:25] Why I stopped sharing an inside look at my business
  • [02:54] How sharing the journey in the past has helped me build a strong brand
  • [06:00] The conversation I had with JD before a mastermind that shifted my perspective
  • [08;24] The limiting beliefs I struggled with before attending a mastermind in January
  • [08:55] The vision JD and I created for our business and our family
  • [11:00] The mindset shift that has given me confidence to move forward
  • [15:52] Why JD and I decided to travel as a family with Luna this year
  • [16:49] What dead end questions are – and how to avoid them so you can turn your dreams into reality

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