Selling without Feeling Sales-y | Interview on the Selling with Love Podcast

I think this episode should come with a warning: Do not listen unless you want practical tips on how to increase your sales without sounding sales-y.

That’s right – this episode is a conversation that I had with Jason Marc Campbell on his Selling with Love podcast and it felt so practical and honest that I asked him if I could share it with you.

(Thank you, Jason!)

If you want to promote your offer but are struggling to do so in a way that feels both strategic and authentic, you’ll want to >>click play<< ASAP and hear our conversation about:

  • [04:59] How to get your first customers to pay you
  • [08:32] Why creating offers that bring your audience along with you is the key to scalable growth
  • [12:35] Why copywriting is one of the most important skills for success in 2023
  • [17:56] The importance of building systems now to create the business you want in the future
  • [21:04] What my word of the year means to me and how I’m putting it into practice
  • [24:59] How focusing on the transformation over the transaction in a sale is the key to building a business people can’t help but rave about

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