The Framework You Need When You Pivot with Sam Parr

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a pivot?

Perhaps you’ve ended (or are moving away) from one aspect of your business (or even your entire business) and you’re moving towards something else – but aren’t fully sure what that something else is.

You feel both confident in your decision and uncertain about what’s next … and are looking for a framework on how to navigate this “middle” season.

If you’ve been in this place – or perhaps you’re there right now – then this episode with Sam Parr is exactly what you need.

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  • [04:34] Sam’s definition of the “messy middle” of a pivot
  • [05:55] The 4-way Venn diagram Sam uses to help figure out what’s next and determine product market fit
  • [08:00] Sam’s “research and plot” method to learning from others
  • [13:10] The importance of measuring risk – and how to do it
  • [23:30] How to figure out whether you’re in alignment with a potential life or business partner
  • [30:35] What counting the cost means – and how it makes a difference
  • [38:28] How Sam thinks about negative feedback and uses it to grow

If you want to learn more about Sam, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @thesamparr. You can learn more about Hampton at

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Sam Parr

Sam Parr founded the Hustle, a daily email with over 3m daily readers that he sold for tens of millions to HubSpot. He also owned for Hampton, a private founder community. He is the host of mfm, which has millions of monthly downloads.

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