How to Ask Questions that Get Results

Welcome to an episode of the Real World, friend. 

All of this to say, a couple of weeks ago, I announced on Instagram something incredible that happened in the business, and it was a moment that made me feel extraordinarily proud and blessed. 

I signed with a speaking agency and officially became a represented public speaker.

A show that I was definitely not allowed to watch when I was younger, unlike all of my friends (not bitter at all). 

In this episode, I’m sharing the full story with you – and it all started at a mastermind where I learned to ask the right kind of questions – the questions that get results. I’m sharing this story NOT to brag… but to provide you with the exact framework for asking questions that  I learned so that you can apply it to your own business.  Click >>PLAY<< to hear all about:

  • [02:30] How my word for the year is coming into fruition
  • [04:39] How I phrase questions to open up to possibilities 
  • [06:35] Why you need to ask specific questions
  • [09:20] The first time JD and I impromptu met Gary Vee before his conference
  • [11:39] What I learned from asking Gary a question 
  • [13:19] The epic text my mentor sent me during a recent mastermind when I was struggling to come up with a question
  • [19:50] How my question helped to connect me to Jay Shetty, co-founder of House of 1212 (the agency that now represents me) 
  • [25:46] When I knew that Jay Shetty/House of 1212 was the right choice
  • [27:39] The exact framework I now use for asking results-driven questions that you can apply to your own business

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