How to Build a Powerful Connection with Your Audience with Laura Belgray

Did you know that the human brain is literally wired to LOVE and REMEMBER stories, making storytelling one of the most powerful forms of communication?


Then you’re gonna love this episode with copywriter and author Laura Belgray, where we chat about her new book, the importance of sharing powerful stories, and creating content when feeling uninspired. 

Fun fact: Laura is one of the most loved guests I’ve had on the podcast – if you haven’t yet listened to our conversation “How to Get Paid to be You,” – click >>HERE<< to do so! You won’t regret it! 

But back to this episode… you’ll wanna listen in if you’re curious about Laura's approach to writing and her top tips for how and when to incorporate personal stories into your work (and when not to). She also graciously shares her storytelling techniques and how to authentically integrate personal stories into professional content effectively… this episode is a GOOD one, friend. Click >> HERE << to hear all about:

  • [00:04:39] Why it’s important to create content even when you’re not feeling inspired and how it can lead to great ideas.
  • [00:08:10] Practical tips for creating content even when you’re uninspired.
  • [00:12:36] How to find the linchpin that connects your personal life to your work.
  • [00:14:33] Laura’s process for finding the takeaway or point of view in stories, even when they start out as just funny anecdotes.
  • [00:15:24] How to reverse-engineer stories to start with a lesson or point. 
  • [00:19:15] The process of writing stories and how the point of the story may not come until after the story is written. 
  • [00:21:18] How revealing personal stories in business can create a connection with your audience.
  • [00:24:09] Incorporating personal stories into writing and making them specific to bring them to life.
  • [00:26:33] Laura’s tips on finding your voice when writing.
  • [00:30:20] Why Laura chose to write a memoir-based book instead of a prescriptive book, despite pressure from others
  • [00:32:23] Why it’s important to do what brings you joy, even if it's unconventional.

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Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray is the founder of Talking Shrimp, co-creator of The Copy Cure, and author of Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F'ing Worst. An award-winning copywriting expert, she helps entrepreneurs find the perfect words to express and sell what they do in a way that gets them paid to be themselves. Through her work with hundreds of clients (including online biggies like Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield), she’s seen firsthand that putting “you” into your copy and all through your business is pure magic for getting people to love you up, sharing your ideas, and happily click your Buy button. Tough Titties, her first book, comes out via Hachette in June 2023.

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